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Why Is Cast Iron So Popular?

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Cast iron has become so popular, it has replaced pottery and stoneware as the NUMBER ONE garden and lawn decoration on shoppers' lists. There is an article in the March 2004 issue of Garden Center Magazine which describes this movement toward the sophisticated look of cast iron.

People love the "period" look that cast iron presents. It is the antiquated design and natural rust surface that so many fall in love with.

Versatile lawn ornaments that double as planters or water fountains are just another reason cast iron is such a crowd-pleaser. Browse our stock to see what cast iron can do for your landscape!

For those individuals that don't like the rusty texture, the rust finish can be removed and the "shiny" texture preserved. All it takes is a couple of simple procedures. Also, cast iron can be painted, which affords a number of different ways to augment a landscape or garden with the same accessory.

Look at the large rooster to the right (model A84). The statue comes in the natural rust finish. With a little imagination and some rust paint it can look a lot more colorful, as you can see in the picture. Click the image to see the before and after versions. Both have a real presence, but for the more contemporary "country chic", a little paint is all it took!

For classical elegance, country charm, fun, or nuance of artistic expression, cast iron is hard to beat. Don't wait — explore our site now to discover how a beautiful landscape can be yours!

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