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Floral Fence

An exact copy of an 1840.s fence. The bars are solid steel 1/2 inch thick. This wonderful fence is simple in design and goes with old or new architecture.
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Floral Walkway Gate

the beautiful gate is 40 inches wide and 36 inches high. It is made of solid steel and iron and is a wonderful match for the floral fence or as a free standing gate on its own. Price 295.00
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Hoop & Spear ( Pool Fence ) 5 Ft Height

This fence is 5 feet high and 6 feet wide ,the space between the bars is exactly 4 inches. It is a wonderful fence for around the yard or around the pool The 1/2 inch steel bars are solid not hollow $159.00 pe
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Hoop & Spear Walkway Gate

This 5 foot high gate is made of solid 1/2 inch steel . It is 6 feet high and 52 inches wide. It's a perfect match for the hoop and spear fence but this gate also works on its own as a free standing gate Price 395.00
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